Monday, March 18, 2013

That "New Class" Feeling

Ever feel like you have so much to say that you can't say anything? neither. I usually have so much to say, so I just end up saying it. This doesn't really have anything to do with anything, I was just thinking about how many blog posts have been slowly taking up space in my mind and I'm finally getting around to posting them. HOORAY!

Although procrastination has always been my strong suit, I am finding that at times it can be a hinderance. Like when I procrastinate on doing laundry, it only makes a larger pile of laundry for me to get to. And when I procrastinate on paying the garbage bill, it only adds to the bill...until I remember to pay it...and can't find it...and then find it...and remember I'm on direct pay, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

So life is feeling a little hectic these days.

I remember back in August when my classroom was clean, the desks were straight, the bookshelves were organized, and the pencils were all sharp waiting for students to come get them. I could breathe deeply and not worry about what was on the agenda for the week or when I'd find time to grade the tests, or change my focus wall...or walls. I didn't worry about whose parents I'd have to call to talk about what their student chose to do instead of using the restroom, or how I was going to clean glue off the floor while the guest teacher was visiting. I could just sit in the silence of a sunny summer afternoon and daydream about how perfect my future class was going to be.

*sigh* Those were the days.

And they will be here again soon. The sandals weather I have been experiencing for the past week reminds does all the tattling and boy/girl issues. I am counting down the days. I can't wait for summer. I can't wait for that "new class" feeling all over again. It never gets old.