Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Well, spring cleaning has hit me. And it hit me pretty hard today. I knew I needed to get all the papers and clay and trinkets taken away from kids and crayons and broken headphones and envelopes and candy off of my desk. So I did. And I put it on my students' desks. Well, for a little while, that is.

I used Chlorox wipes to sanitize my dusty desk, wiped everything dry and organized everything as if school starts tomorrow. I created a workspace that I can finally use! My desk usually ends up in a dumping ground by the end of the day. And each day I say I'm going to clean it, but there are so many other pressing issues, that it gets pushed aside for "tomorrow".

Since I'm on spring break this week, and my husband gets two days off, I'm taking advantage of his days off to spend with our son while I clean and clean and clean and organize my classroom. Tomorrow is finally today! Thursday will be my planning day. Today I am armed with Chlorox wipes and a determination to feel less anxious about the state of my classroom. So far so good!