Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Download a Video From You Tube

Like many teachers, I enjoy using videos in my classroom. You Tube has a wide variety of video resources for classroom use. However, a teacher must ALWAYS watch the video without the students around before showing the students the video. Many times a harmless video is actually a spoof with inappropriate content.

Another annoying feature of You Tube is the ads that randomly pop up moments before your video is to begin. You're able to skip them, but not without waiting for the "skip" pop up to show. 

And don't EVEN get me started about the "you might like" or "trending now" videos that show to the right of your screen. When I'm showing an appropriate video, inappropriate videos pop up there!'s on the INTERNET, so buffering is always happening. How frustrating!

Well, to get the hassles out of You Tube, you can simply download the video you want! No more pop ups, ads, or waiting for buffering and interrupted video time. This video tutorial shows you step by step how to download videos from the web!