Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mom Mode

So I'm in "Mom Mode" this week. I have successfully loaded and unloaded the dishwasher twice already this week! Wait, WHAT?! Yes. Twice. I think I need a ticker tape parade.

Which leads me to my next thought. Why do these little jobs seem so important when it's summer time? I get excited to see my kitchen counter clean and my sink empty. During the school year, that only seems to happen on the weekends Sundays when my husband is home. Simply because he served in the Marine Corps, and they're good like that.

Did I mention I vacuumed too? The Cheerios never even saw it coming.

So this week I'm tackling the biggest "Mom Mode" task. That's right. Potty training. My son will be three next month and I REALLY want him to be potty trained before I go back to work. Everything everyone says about potty training being hard is totally true. And I'll be honest, I was jealous when a friend came over with her little guy who's two months older than my son and he's already trained! She said, "I just told him we're out of diapers and he has to wear underwear now." I personally think it helped that he goes to day care and has peer pressure. I wouldn't have thought this had another friend not told me her daughter is potty trained too. She was feeling the pressure at swim lessons because another kid made a comment about her daughter's diapers (Little Swimmers) under her suit. Didn't realize that peer pressure started so YOUNG!

My cousin is a preschool teacher and also has a one year old. Although she's ten years younger than me, I often find myself asking for her expertise on the inner workings of my child. She gave me the best information yet. She told me that often kids who use Easy Ups (Pampers version of Pull Ups) take longer to potty train. She said they can't feel the feeling of being wet because the Easy Up pulls the liquid away from the body. She also said that if I was worried about taking him in public with just his undies on, I should put them on, then put the Easy Up on over that. This way if something happens, he can feel being wet. BRILLIANT!!!

So...I did that. And won't do it again. My son still wet himself, but didn't care! Also, with the heat wave we recently had, my son's body was sweating like a horse in there! The pee probably cooled him off!

Yesterday I had him in his undies all day and he did just fine. I am one proud Mama. I guess it also helped that I bribe him with gummy bears for going #1 and ice cream for #2 in the potty. Hey, don't judge. Stickers weren't his thing.

Now that I'm done with this blog post, I think my little man and I will go outside and mow the lawn.