Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Cyber Monday!

In honor of avoiding long lines, traffic jams, grumpy cashiers, and a mental breakdown, Cyber Monday was created. This, in turn, created sneaky employees wanting deals, less productivity, grumpy bosses (who are also probably checking out deals too, but play the grump card so you don't interrupt their shopping), busy delivery drivers, increased sales, and happy consumers.

Yes, the holiday season has more than officially started. Don't worry though. I've done some research for you if you're looking for some great gifts online.

  • always has great deals. If you haven't checked out their "Lightning Deals", then you are seriously missing out. It's like gambling and shopping all in one! 
  • Looking for something a little bit kooky for your friend/relative who likes things the opposite of you? probably has the perfect gift. Last year, I found a ninja iPhone case for my sister. In years past, she received sushi earrings. They are all handmade, independent products. And well made I might add. Yeah, it's that cool! And yes, they have gift certificates too!
ninja necklace  $12.50

Toast Scarf $140

  • is one of my favorite sites for hilarious gifts for the techie in your life. My brother-in-law was the proud recipient of a photo lens coffee mug, while my sister received an office cubicle door bell ringer last year. If you love bacon, this is the place to be! 
Impress your students with these bandages! $4.99

Shhhh....don't tell your principal! $12.95

  • has a great way to filter through gifts. You can search by category, or even by the recipient's relationship to you!
personalized shirts $19.99

grow your own tea & coffee kit $19.95