Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Look Part Deux

Did I mention I love the new look of my blog? Seriously. Too cute, right?

I think the real reason I'm proud to have a new look, isn't just that it's cute, but it feels more...official? No, I'm serious. It is something I bought...and didn't have to pay for! Wait, whaaaaat!?

Okay, let me rephrase that. I did have to pay for it. Honestly. I used PayPal. However, my PayPal account is solely used as a place to collect my TPT and TN earnings.

And knowing that it didn't cost me anything but a little extra time in the evenings creating resources for other teachers, makes me feel proud. It also inspired me to create new resources...for a different grade level.
Screen shot of Treasures Second Grade Spelling Cards (PDF)

I figured if I needed spelling words and vocabulary cards for my grade, wouldn't people who teach the same curriculum need them in their grades too? So I was able to borrow the teacher's manuals for second grade. I'm hoping to hop on up the grade levels and help even more people! Be on the lookout for your grade!