Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Hooked!

Last night as I was doing my nightly pinning on Pinterest, I came across the most amazing new products! They are called Pinhooks and they will make my life easier! I immediately ordered a 40 pack for only $10. Basically, they are pushpins that have a hook on the end of them so that you can hang stuff. They recommend your keys, a leash, or other light weight products. However, the site shows a metal bucket with cute ribbon attached hanging from the hook with a ton of crayons in it. There isn't a weight limit on them, so I'm wondering how much weight I can hang from them? Did I mention they are made in the USA?

These are the colors in the "Dream Pack" I just love that blue!
My plan is to use them for my student work. I figure I can take a binder clip and hook it over the hook and then clip students' work on it. That would be SO much easier than stapling or pushpinning work up. As soon as they arrive, I'll post more information.