Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Fairygodmother of Organization Arrived!

Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, or any other office supply store are a dangerous lot. I immediately feel organized walking down their aisles. I want everything. You would think that having worked in an office supply store for over 6 years would have made me immune to the feeling, but it hasn't. If anything, becoming a teacher has made the pull toward office supplies even greater. Now I have an excuse to want everything in sight.

Now that the beginning of school is a mere week and a half away, I find the calling to shop for supplies   causes me to steer my car in that general direction. I purposely don't write down what I need just so that I can make another trip there for more supplies. Yes, it's that strong.

I recently went to Staples. I needed mailbox cubbies (since my old ones were being used as my new clip chart system) I was appalled at the prices for cardboard mailbox cubbies! $20 for 8! What a ripoff! I could use my Pinterest pinning skills that I've honed and create them out of cereal boxes, but who has the time or energy for that? Not to mention having 30 cereal boxes laying around. Not gonna do it. 

So I caved. I bought the darn mailboxes. 

As I was heading up to the front with my loot, I couldn't help but notice the "shiny shiny" aisle screaming at me to come check out its wares. It was the holy grail of office supplies. The mother of all organization. The fairy godmother of Pinterest. The Martha Stewart Collection.

I had never seen such a prettier blue. It was exactly what I told myself I needed. I neeeeeeed this. It will be perfect for my parent information wall. It will make the disappearing money I'm about to spend on cardboard feel so...much...better. $8 more loaded into my cart and I was on my way to the front.

BUT, Staples was kind enough to have a 15% off coupon (that I had to BUY for $10 last month) that expires in September. They call it a PayPass. It has paid for itself this week alone. So I left paying less and feeling only slightly like I had saved.