Saturday, February 2, 2013

100th Day

I am officially 100 days smarter. Yesterday was our 100th day of school. I've learned so many new things at my school that I couldn't possibly list them all here. But, I will let you know what we did in our classroom:

One cute resource for the 100th day is a short video on The kids recognized it, and I liked that it was short! Another video they watched was "Emily's 100 Days of School" (note: the link takes you to a 30 second youtube video). It is based on the Ruby and Max characters. The 20 minute video bought me some precious bubbling in of bubble sheets. I liked listening to it though! The kids were awfully respectful and watched the whole thing without complaining! 

My kiddos created these cute hats using construction paper. Before stapling them together, we drew 100 small pictures on them and decorated them with a sticker and markers. It was a nice activity because it also gave them a lesson on following directions. I only had one kid cut too far and chop off the round part. Usually there are three or four!

We also used a 100 chart to make 100. It's fun because I call off numbers, color them in, and the kids have no clue as to why they are coloring the numbers they are coloring! It took them a LONG time this year to figure it out. I was sneaky. I had them color squares on opposite sides and didn't close the tops of the digits together until the very end. Hilarious!!!