Sunday, February 3, 2013

Task Cards

Okay, so task cards are new to me. I've seen them posted for the people I follow, but never really checked them out. Today I was hanging out with a friend who showed me some she uses in her classroom. All I could think of was BRILLIANT!!!

If you aren't familiar with how these work, there are enough cards for each student desk. You place one on each desk. Students then walk about the room answering the questions (or tasks) on their answer sheet.

Seriously brilliant! My friend says you can use these not just as an activity during language arts time, but as a finish early task as well. Or she has some that she put on an O ring and flips through them to have the kids answer as they walk out the door. Another brilliant idea!

I'm thinking, you could use them as a PowerPoint warm up on the Promethean Board, or as part of board language. If you cut them out then laminate them, they'll last even longer! I made these tonight and I can't wait to try these out in the next few weeks! Check them out by clicking on the picture below.