Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day Revisited (a.k.a. A Confession)

Valentine's Day was well over a week ago. But it's still February and that means we can still have our rooms decorated with cute hearts and teddy bears. I still have quite a bit of chocolate left in my desk, but don't tell anyone. I've even been known to cram a few a mouthful a few mouthfuls in my mouth before walking outside to pick up my kids after lunch. "Whaaaaat? I smell like M&M's? Oh you kids are too funny!"

For our math time on Valetine's Day, we graphed our conversation hearts. I realized then that my copy was quite simple. I remember making it on a whim several years ago. On the day of the big day this year, I was a little embarrassed about it. This could be why I'm just NOW writing about Valentine's Day? I took pictures anyway and today it was my focus for a new product in my store. I just couldn't see myself using that hand-drawn paper ever again!
Click the picture above for a free download!

So I may be a little late getting this to my readers, but better late, than never, right? And since I'm so late getting it out, I decided to make it even sweeter, by making it FREE!

Here are my embarrassing photos:

I'm also happy to report, that I was invited to guest blog on Mercedes' blog Surfing To Success. She has some great upper grades ideas over there as well as a HILARIOUS story and linky.