Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gardening in Vegas

Well where to start? How about I start with a fact about me.

Fact: I'm finally rested from my Vegas trip.

I had been to Reno, NV several times in my life, so I thought I was ready for Vegas. I've eaten at the Peppermill's buffet, gambled in a few casinos, and driven down the main drag and seen some interesting shops along the way.

But nothing in Reno prepared me for what Vegas has.

I'm pretty sure Vegas is its own entity. I can describe Vegas in one word--EXHAUSTING! There is so much to see and so much to do that you cannot possibly do it all in one trip. I was lucky enough to have my good friend Mercedes with me as my own personal tour guide. She prepared me mentally by creating our itinerary of To Do's and giving me the run-down of how the hotels are so close, yet so far away from each other. Each trip to a casino was like a trip to another world. They all have their own niche and are beautiful in their own way.

One of my favorites was the atrium in the Bellagio. I felt tiny amongst tall flowers and gardening tools.

In the middle of the room is a large tree with a treehouse. You can walk through the tree. Inside is a TV screen that displays fish swimming. I was quite confused by this at first, and then realized it was a "fish cam" for the fish in the pond right outside the tree!

The atmosphere in the atrium is slightly breezy and air-conditioned. A much welcomed feel from the hot air outside. Oversized sunflowers were beamed onto the floor from lights above. They came in and out, so as not to be immediately noticed. There also was a subtle change in lighting overall. It was neat because I was there at 9 at night and yet, the "daylight" looked as if it were coming through the trees. 

I think I really enjoyed this room because it was relaxing, subtle, calm, cool (temperature-wise), and beautiful. It was my little oasis in the desert.