Monday, July 7, 2014

My Son, The Rock Star

As I'm scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a touching story of a young woman who was killed by a drunk driver. The message her mother wrote to her on a Facebook Page set up as a memorial, hit me hard. I'm finally recovering from the tears.

My three-year-old son is sleeping soundly in the next room. Every night I check on him. Sometimes several times a night, as I often have difficulty sleeping. And I can't imagine my life without him. (Here comes the water works again.)

This weekend has made me appreciate him in different ways. My neighbors' kids had an all night party going on in their house last night. I am dreading having "the talk" with the parents upon their return about the evidence they left behind in MY recycling bin. But this incident made me appreciate the age my son is and how simple life is for him.

I got to hang out with my friend Mercedes and her husband on Thursday. Together, we prepared details for our TPT Vegas trip this week. She was kind enough to give me a quotes journal because I'm always posting quotes that my son says. This was so touching and made me appreciate just how innocently adorable his thought processes are.

I also recently read about how a Florida father may have left his son in the car "accidentally on purpose" thus killing him. This turned my stomach. I cannot imagine anyone doing that to any living thing...even a plant! It made me appreciate that my parents pick my son up and care for him on days my husband and I both work. He gets all the attention from my parents, and my grandmother, who are retired and spoil him in the best ways.

This, in turn, made me appreciate the fact that I have summers off and can go and do things with my son during the week. Park? sure! Swim all day? OF COURSE! I enjoy making my son laugh. He has a WONDERFUL sense of humor.

Did I mention what a huge AC/DC fan he is? I'm often told, "I'm Brian Johnson. You're Angus. Let's play." I get down my guitar, and he pulls out his broom and off we go!

My family had a Karaoke Party on Memorial Day weekend. For me, it was the best party because my son got up and sang all by himself without feeling nervous. He's a ham. And I couldn't have been more proud.
I guess this blog post was just a way to get my appreciation for my little guy out into the world and remind me that life is short. Don't hold grudges, be open to suggestions, hug and laugh many times a day, and make connections. Happy and safe travels to all my fellow TPT'ers!