Saturday, July 19, 2014

Life Hacks

On the plane back from Las Vegas (yes, I'm still processing that whirlwind four days in Vegas), I watched some free videos on the little screen in front of me. One such video was of "Life Hacks". Life Hacks are things you do to shave time or energy off of your life to make it easier.

I had seen several life hacks on Pinterest, but this guy (Grant Thompson, "The King of Random") showed me exactly how to do some of these things and much more. He showed me that I can peel a kiwi in record time using a spoon. He proved how filling a water bottle part way then placing it on its side in the freezer allows the ice to form, yet still allows for water to be poured in. GENIUS!

I use "Life Hacks" all the time in technology to create my products for TPT. "Command S" is such a simple way to save my work. And at home, my favorite beauty life hack is to use my old mascara brush as an eyebrow brush (after cleaning it, of course. I also use it to brush off any excess mascara I may have.).

It got me to thinking. Next week I'll have guest bloggers on my blog. And what to have those guests write about? How about Life Hacks?! I bet we all have some that we use without giving it a second thought. I love learning new things...especially if they save me time/energy/money.

So what life hacks do you use?