Monday, July 21, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles

I often find myself in a mental struggle with "am I doing a good job as ______?" Filling in the blank is easy. I find a lot of things to worry about whether I'm doing a good job. Mom? Teacher? Wife? Friend? Driver? Homeowner? Businesswoman? Cook? Maid? Daughter? Granddaughter? Neighbor? Student? Nurturer? Blogger?

I often feel I wear so many hats, that one never seems to get worn longer than another. This, in turn, makes me wonder, "Am I a jack of all trades, master of none?"

I have since come to the conclusion that I don't get bored easily, yet I can get too complacent. If I don't do something different, I can get, what seems to be, bored. So I find myself hopping from one project or idea to the next so they all seem "fresh" to me.

Since going to the TPT conference in Las Vegas almost two weeks ago, I'm finding that I'm challenging myself to do things differently. I'm back to blogging more, I'm improving products in my store, I'm leaning new technology techniques, and exploring my neighborhood on foot more.

Yes, you walk everywhere in Vegas.

These new self-challenges have helped me get past the "Am I doing a good job?" mentality. I"m now thinking, "Why yes, I AM doing a good job!"

My son was recognized on Saturday in his gymnastics class for doing a good job. He had been struggling with his own obstacle. He couldn't seem to do the backwards roll without assistance from his coach. Everything else seems to come naturally to him, but this. After several weeks, this Saturday he finally "got it". He was so proud and excited when his coach gave him his first star of accomplishment. It surprised him. I was proud because he didn't give up, and he didn't complain. He just did the work without expectations of anything other than accomplishing his goal.
I'm pretty sure I can learn from him in that sense. I will focus less on the the "what's in it for me?" mentality, and instead focus on the task at hand. 

What mental blocks are preventing you from overcoming your challenges?